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How do I change a case billing type?

All cases default to an hourly billing type. Change the billing type to Contingency or Pro bono

To change the case billing type on a new Case, go to Case Details > Summary > Reveal the case description and scroll down

You can now view the Case Billing Type options, to change the billing type select 'EDIT'

An Active case that has had hourly billable transactions, can be changed to  from Hourly to Contingency to Pro Bono. Once the billing type is save as Contingency it cannot be changed again.

To set a Contingency case you must enter the estimated end date of the Qase, the estimated value of the case and your contingency fee amount as a percentage:

With that estimated information, Qase generates an invoice for that particular case. This initial invoice is not due upon receipt. Rather, Qase does not charge the lawyer until the case is closed. When a case is closed, Qase will generate a second invoice based upon the actual length of the case.  At that point, the lawyer pays the Qase invoice. So, Qase contingency case invoices are not due until case closure. 

Qase charges a flat, monthly fee for unlimited use of the platform for contingency cases.