Are your referrals and requests from new clients getting lost? View all potential clients in one place, the intake page makes it easy to view and track new leads.

On the Leads page you can

  • Move leads through the intake pipeline
  • Add notes
  • Open a New Matter
  • Close the Lead

Move Leads through the intake pipeline

  • Contact Pending: Use this status when a client needs to be contacted
  • Contacted: Move the client to this status once they have been contacted
  • Consult Scheduled: A consultation appointment has been scheduled with the client
  • Under Review: For leads that are likely to convert to Hired soon
  • Hold: For leads that may take more time to determine if you and the client will work together

Some changes to Lead status are done automatically, for example when a consultation appointment for the lead is booked into the calendar connected to your Qase account the Lead status automatically changes to 'Consult Scheduled'

Add Notes

Click the title of the Lead to open the details:

Review the description of the legal issue. You can also update the lead status and make intake notes:

Intake a New Lead

On the Leads page select New Lead

 The Intake form opens:

  • Enter contact information 
  • Select a practice area and choose a lawyer to assign this lead to
  • Add a description of the Legal issue or any other intake notes

Adding a new lead also creates a new contact in your contact list. Click here to learn more about the Contacts Page.

Open a New Matter

When your potential client has confirmed they will retain your services, select Open New Matter

Your Lead has now been converted to an Open Matter


Close the Lead

When you have confirmed you will not be hired by the client, close the Lead: