More Qase features for working with your client online

Send messages, create and share notes, upload and receive documents

🗨️ Messages

Send or receive direct messages in your case. The content of the message is also emailed to the client. 


Create a new Note:

  • Click 'Notes' > New Notes

Don't forget to SAVE

When you select to SHARE a note, the note is then shared with your client. 

To un-share a note with your client, DELETE it.

When a client has shared a Note with you, they cannot delete it.


Upload documents in the document library in your case and share them with your client.

Drag and drop your document or click on 'select a document to upload'.

To share a document, select SHARE.

To remove a document that you have shared with your client, select DELETE, you can then view this document in your document library.

 Your client cannot delete documents that they have shared with you.