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User Guide for Virtual Family Mediation CLIENTS

Sign into your Qase account to view your appointments and connect with your Lawyer or Mediator

Click any of the below links to learn more about how to use Qase:

How do I sign into my Qase account?

Go to www.qase.ca and click Login:

Enter your email address and password

If you don't remember your password - click Forgot Password 

Enter your email address. We'll send you a link to your email, please click the link and enter your new password into your account.

You can also use Qase on your mobile device


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View upcoming appointments

💻Sign into your Qase account to view upcoming appointments. On a desktop computer select the case you want to view:

The Activities window shows you the upcoming appointments for your case:


📱On your mobile device, sign in and select the case you want to view:

View your appointment:

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How do I connect with my ILA or Mediator for my appointment?

When the Family Justice Counsellor schedules your appointment with your Independent Legal Advisor and Mediator they will ask how you would like to connect for the appointment.

There are two ways to connect for your appointment:

  • Video call from desktop or mobile device
  • ILA or Mediator calls you directly

Tell the FJC how you would like to connect, once your appointment is scheduled, view the appointment and the connection option in the Activities window:

Here's what it looks like when the ILA or Mediator is going to call you:

At the scheduled appointment time you will receive a phone call.

Sign into your Qase account to take notes during the call, share documents and more

If you chose to join by video call:

  •  at the appointment time, sign into your Qase account
  • go to the case
  • the appointment button will now display 'Join Call'

If you are having trouble connecting by video, send the ILA or Mediator a message and ask them to call you

You can also join the video call from your mobile device:

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How do I contact my ILA or Mediator?

Find the contact information for your ILA or Mediator:

  • Sign into your Qase account
  • Select a case (Independent Legal Advice or Mediation)
  • Go to Case Details > Client & Team and view the contact information

You can also contact your ILA or Mediator directly from your Qase account by sending them a message

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