How do I use the case Dashboard to view, sort and navigate to my cases?

Use the Dashboard to view all your cases, filter by case status and navigate to your cases. You client will know the status of their case at all times.

There are several different case status types you can use:

PENDING All new case requests are Pending until you change the status to Reviewed. When a case is Pending you cannot make a note or create new appointments or tasks. 
REVIEWED Change the case status from Pending to Reviewed to enable all the features of the platform and to make other case status types available

A Reviewed case can then become

ACTIVE You and your client have agreed to work together
HOLD The case is on hold
TRANSFER Transfer the case request to another lawyer
CANCELED The case will not proceed

When a case has been made Active and you and your client determine no further work is required, you can set the case status to Closed.

A case with a Closed status can be re-opened and made active again, or can be transferred

case status

To view your cases, sign into your Qase account:

On the Dashboard screen select one or more case status and  FILTER:

You can respond to your request from the Dashboard view, or go to the case to view them in the case Overview: