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What information is required to complete my profile?

A complete profile is not required for a free consultation, but is required if you decide you want to retain the services of a lawyer through Qase.

To complete your profile you will need to:

  • provide your contact information

  • upload photo ID

  • enter your credit card details

On mobile sign in, open the menu and select Account Settings:

Acct.mob.1-1Hit the pen icon to edit✏️  enter your address and upload a photo of your identification and a profile picture


 Don't forget to SAVE your changes

Add your credit card to your account:



Don't forget to SAVE


On desktop to get started navigate to 'My Account':

Complete profile -2

Enter your contact information and upload your Identification, click EDIT to start, don't forget to SAVE your changes.


Go to the Billing screen to enter your credit card information. Your lawyer will ask you to accept pre-authorization requests for their time and services.

You'll never be charged unless you accept the request from your lawyer.