How do I connect with the client for the initial consultation appointment?

View the connection method the client has selected in advance on the appointment time.

The client selects the method for how they would like to connect with you for their initial consultation. They choose one of:

  • Video Call
  • Lawyer calls client directly 

View the selected method on the case Overview:

Video Call


Call the client


To connect with the client at the scheduled appointment time, sign into your Qase account.  

From the case Overview click the JOIN CALL button:

JOIN CALL button becomes available 10 minutes before the start of the appointment

If the client has joined by video you will see them on the call. 

If the client has selected 'Call Client', call them from the video call.

The client's phone number is displayed, enter it into the number field and click CALL

call out

If the client does not answer, end the call: